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Put simply, we are scavengers. Our group formed in early 1997, after meeting one another at a number of San Francisco 2600 meetings, and in various other places. Our group doesn't have a name, and it has no formal members, although there are a number of regulars like myself who try and attend the majority of the gatherings. We are based in the SF Bay Area, and usually focus our activities within the San Francisco business district. Our members come from a variety of different backgrounds, but we all share a common interest in salvaging as much of the bounty from corporate america as our arms (or backs!) will allow.

I started the group with a number of friends earlier this year after we de cided on the spur of the moment to dig through the trash of a nearby commercial facility late one night (the ambiguity keeps me out of trouble :-) ). It wasn't entirely legal, but it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. It removed any traces of naivete that I had about the sanity of corporate America. Behind every company that ceaselessly churns out marketing hype about their spotless environmental record is a very different company. Its employees, managers and marketing professi onals would be outraged if they discovered that their company was dumping barrels of toxic waste into the ocean, or allowing injuries to go untreated in their factories, yet they think nothing of discarding large amounts of everything from styrofoam to computer equipment every evening!

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