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I discovered the network at 13.
It was different then.
It was a world of BBSes.
Obscure dialups.
SprintNet nodes.
People knew how to program.
I had an XT, salvaged from school.
640k of RAM.
A 10 meg hard drive.
A 2400 baud modem.
An Everex amber monitor.
When my parents went to bed,
I'd pull it out from my closet
And power up,
Into another universe.
A friendly one.
A place called ECN,
Way down in Los Angeles.
It was a place of understanding.
Sitting alone,
I wasn't anymore.
I met people like myself,
Smart people,
Strange people,
Scary people,
People I became friends with.
And I discovered who I was.

Note: This website is maintained for historical purposes only, and hasn't been maintained or updated in close to a decade. My new site is at http://hobbiton.thisside.net.

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Made With Macintosh
Wow... it really has been a long time since I wrote anything here. It's amazing how quickly time can fly by. This summer has been a blast. I've been working as a QA Engineer at a San Francisco based software company that develops content syndication software called ShiftKey, Inc.. I've been developing a set of performance analysis and internal testing tools for the product, which has been fascinating, as it's allowed me to both write code, learn some new skills in the area of database administration, and develop statistical techniques for extracting the greatest amount of meaning from the data we have at hand. It's a lot of work, but the people I work with are incredibly cool and great to be around, and I've met some neat new contacts in various areas of software development and consulting. Enough of that... anyway.. I have to run and catch a bus. The old archived post will be reposted soon. --- Rupert