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Why the quotation marks around the word art?
It's simply because what one person might consider art, another may consider trash.
An excellent example of this is a ladder I aquired with a few friends in September. We became bored with the simple wood, and decided to do something a little unusual to it. Here it is, partially completed, at around 4am one morning:

The ladder at 4am

The ladder is covered in bits of collage from magazines, and has been extensively painted, drawn on, and covered with pastels. For fun, we wrote the comments we received about our work on one part of the ladder. This section now reads:

"You call that decorating?!"
"Oh, shit!"
"What the hell is that?"
"You guys are whack"

It's impossible to have critics when their comments form a part of the actual work.
In its short existence, some traditions have sprung up around the ladder, which is lent out to other friends on the hall. When it's used for a project, the names of the participants, and sometimes a small token from the project, such as a single Christmas light, or a screw from a wall mount, are taped to the ladder.

People visiting the room are also encouraged to pen random thoughts to any free space on the ladder.

Another interesting little project is also partially visible in the above photo. The line running up the wall and closet in the background is a fibonacci spiral made from little green paper dots. It radiates from the peephole on the door, out over the walls, and terminates 40 feet later. The section of the spiral on my side of the room is covered in colored lights, which makes for an interesting effect.

For a while, the ladder sat adjacent to my bed, and served as a useful place on which to hang clothes, pile books, and hold overflow from my desk. I ended up moving it when I heard my long suffering room-mate muttering that "It'd be the first thing in the bonfire" if he had his way.

There'll be more art projects written up here soon. Look forward to Blinky, the o-chem snowman! In the meantime, check out some pictures from a 1950's era Georgetown yearbook that we found while trashing last year.

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