Musically, the last few months have been a blast. My Electronic Music class ended fabulously, with everyone playing their final compositions to the class in conjunction with a live performer. My friend Jeremy was kind enough to play the Trombone part for me. I've also been spending time on Resrocket, a collaborative Internet based set of jamming studios, and in addition to making some great music, I've also met a lot of great musicians. My musical tastes have been changing too. I've found that I really like the sounds of acoustic pop and blues a great deal. Lately, the sounds of Scott Meldrum, Emily Richards, and Kristin Banks have been influencing my music heavily. I've found myself increasingly dissatisfied with mainstream music, not simply because it's mainstream, but because it often seems to lack the spark and enthusiasm that shows through in the sounds of smaller artists. It's great to be able to email a band or solo musician with a question or comment, and to receive a personal letter back!

Freddie Mercury rocks too. All round, one of the most talented, inspired, flamboyant and fascinating entertainers that's ever lived. (Ok, enough adjectives :))

Equipment I use:
Here are a few of the pieces that I've been working on lately:

Title: Atmosphere
Composer: Rupert Scammell
Record Date: May 17, 1999
Notes: This is an early version of AtmosphereEWI (see below). It's a single track composition, and has a feeling that is both ominous and vaguely Western in nature as well.
File: atmosphere.mid

Title: AtmosphereEWI
Composers: Rupert Scammell, Karsten Chikuri
Record Date: June 4, 1999
Notes: I had the pleasure of working with Karsten Chikuri, Founding Member of the International Wind Synthesis Association on this piece. He added an awesome Skakahuchi track to the original Atmosphere composition, using an Akai EWI.
File: atmosphere2.mid

Title: In Love (Don't Ask)
Composer: Rupert Scammell
Record Date: July 29, 1998
Notes: I've always rather liked this piece. It's a little rough for a couple of measures in the middle, but overall I think it has some potential, and I'm going to get around to fixing it up one of these days.
File: inlove.mid

Title: Untitled for now.
Composer: Rupert Scammell
Record Date: May 14, 1999
Notes: I'm not quite sure what to make of this piece. It rambles a little too much for my liking, but I've found that I like to have this one piece playing quietly as I work.
File: gentle.mid

Title: Piano Duet
Composer: Rupert Scammell
Record Date: May 7, 1999
Notes: This is a piece that I'm really hoping to do more with. The timing is a bit off between the two parts, largely because I haven't been able to pull the piece into a sequencer and requantize them, but I like to think that there's some potential here.
File: pianoduet.mid

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